Saturday, April 16, 2011

Virtual House Tour!

Dear Readers,

I am tickled pink to finally be able to show you the inside of our house with the completion of drywall! No more seeing through walls and looking at joists and studs and pipes. Short of actually moving in, this is the best approximation of what this house of ours actually looks and feels like.

So come on in! Don't lean on the walls or you'll get plaster dust on you, and watch your step around buckets of mudding compound. I'll start you at the front door of the main house (ours) and go from there. If you happen to get lost, look at the floor plan in the Photos section of the blog.

Living Room Blues

The drywall is up and mudding is well underway. We should be ready to paint within a week or two, so I'm busy finalizing color palettes for all the rooms. Since I have been looking at color chips and deliberating over palettes for more than a year, one would think the decisions would all have been made already! But not so. You know the axiom about the task expanding to fit the time available for it? That's exactly what has happened.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Savannah State of Mind

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Things have been busy on all fronts and leaving me no time to write. But I’m back and anxious to fill you in with recent events.

Having just returned from a short but inspiring trip to Savannah, I’m on a mission to incorporate some of that Southern charm and graciousness into our house d├ęcor. Though I’ve been to Savannah just twice—the other time over 15 years ago—on each visit I’ve found something new to appreciate.

The most recent trip was with Miss K on her spring break and so our activities were more centered on things that a 10-year old enjoys. But bless her heart (I’m lapsing into a Southern drawl now), Miss K was a fabulous travel companion and surprised me by being enthusiastic about some good ‘ol antiquing with her mama.