House Construction Photos

Original House (built in 1910)

The house as we found it--and lived in for a year while designing the new house. 1100sf, 1 1/2 stories, and a cement block foundation.

Original Site/Garden (8100sf)

Lots of roses and full sun exposure. Sadly very little is left now (my one regret), although we did transplant most of the roses to our house on Whidbey Island.


The first stage of deconstruction has begun--vinyl siding is off with two more layers to go (asbestos siding and wood lap siding).


This work took the better part of the summer--multiple levels, varied topography, and close tolerances for the driveway slope made this foundation more complicated than average.


Voila! Instant house! In less than a month the framing was done--thanks to the great crew at Elite Framing.

Plumbing and Heating
We're doing a combination of gas fireplaces, hydronic radiant floor heating, and radiators--plus hopefully taking advantage of a lot of passive solar gain from the many south-facing windows.

Some Views

No mountains out on the day these photos were taken, but we think the views are still lovely!


With the "skin" on, the house finally starts to show its personality and style!

Window Trim and Siding

Lots of thought went into the dimensions of the window trim, trying to get the right proportion for the size and scale of the house. The siding is Hardie cement board individual shingles--they don't have as much character as natural wood shingles or shakes, but they are greener and virtually maintenance free. (They WILL be painted--this is just the color in their raw state.)

Side trims are 6", top is 8" with a crown on top. Windows are by Peachtree--all double-paned, aluminum clad exterior and wood interior, in a combination of double-hung and casements. We chose the "sea glass" blue-green color for the exterior muntins and will paint the side trim in a cream color.


 Hardie shingles are just 1/4" thick and look like pieces of cardboard! But once painted they have a decent texture and rhythm that--while not like real wood shingles--still makes for a nice facade.

 These are the window header trims being premade on the ground for installation in one piece.

 A dentil frieze also being premade for installation at both gable ends of the main house.

Pre-primering the crown trim--assembly line style in the dining room!


A comment from a friend recently reminded me that I haven't yet really shown the floorplan of the house! Funny how I overlooked this basic item--I'm so immersed in it that I could practically walk it in my sleep. But for the rest of you, here is a plan and just a few photos just before insulation went in... More photos coming soon when drywall is up.

2nd Floor plan, although Miss K's rooms have been revised as a suite of closet, bath, and bedroom all accessed from a single pocket door at the head of the stairs.

Main floor plan including ADU (accessory dwelling unit) for Mom
Main house: View from front door of entry hall, library space at the far end

Main house: View of living room w/ fireplace on the right

Main house: View from the living room to the dining area of the kitchen/dining room
Main house: View into the kitchen--l to r: door to mudroom, range area, fridge area, pantry, bay window

Main house: Attic space with Miss K and Maggy 

Interior Finishing
When the sheetrock goes up, you really find out if the floor plan works well or not. Suddenly those wide open spaces get a lot smaller and the doors, windows, and other openings are put to the test: Are they placed to best advantage? Do the rooms connect physically and visually the way you anticipated? Do the spaces flow together and yet still have individual identity and character?

Funky little attic space over the sunroom

Front entry to the main house

Main living room

Kitchen/Dining area (and a LOT of mudding compound!)

Master Bedroom

Living Room of the Cottage

Interior Painting
The color palette is a little more subdued than I usual work with (more about that in individual postings) and none of the trim is in yet, but here are some images as the roooms were being completed.

Entry--Valspar "Dylan Velvet"

 Main Living Room--Sherwin Williams "Tinsmith" with Valspar "Dove White" ceiling

 Kitchen/Dining--Valspar "Quail Egg"

Kitchen Dining--Valspar "Quail Egg"

Master Bedroom--Sherwin Williams "Macadamia"

Office/TV Room--Sherwin Williams "Sommelier"

 Miss K's Room--Sherwin Williams "Rosebay" with Valspar "Dove White" ceiling

Sunroom--Valspar "Dove White" with "Fly-by-Night" window trim

Master Bath--Sherwin Williams "Brevity Brown" in WC and "Patience" in sink/shower area