Readers Guide

MTH = My Talented Husband, who truly is talented in so many ways! This house wouldn't be possible without his attention to detail, commonsense, and carpentry skills. Unlike me, he stays on task until the job is done and finishes everything he starts. All this and a day job too! My hero.

Miss K = Our irrepressible daughter whose world revolves around animals, computers, and wii, but who has inherent design sense and a need to "be cosy." This house is dedicated to her. May it aways be the home she can find peace in and come back to throughout her life.

The Furry Ones = Our two cats, Max and Mischka; our little pup Maggy; and occasionally a mention to Harry (the oh so handsome cat) and Masha-with-the-velvet-ears, both departed but still remembered and loved.

Mom = My mother who will join us in a little cottage of her own attached to the main house. Also known as "Mormor" (grandmother) to Miss K.

Mostly a lot of ramblings about what makes a home from yours truly, all inspired by the process of designing and building this house. For the more concrete and useful information, see the Photos, and Supplies and Materials List pages. If you don't find the information you were hoping to, just ask!