Saturday, October 30, 2010

Slab Shopping

Michelangelo Granite
MTH and I went shopping for stone slabs for our kitchen and bath countertops today and, oh, what a treat! We visited Pental’s showroom in south Seattle where the warehouse contains literally hundreds of gorgeous slabs of granite, marble, and quartz—all so delicious-looking you could eat them!

We already have the following in mind for the bathrooms, but are still uncertain about the kitchens:

  •  Miss K’s bathroom countertop—white quartz (she chose the one with sparkles in it)
  • Our bathroom countertop—Michelangelo granite (honestly it looks more like marble…)
  • Mom’s bathroom countertop—something in a soft green
I actually surprised myself by selecting the green for Mom’s bath, but once I saw some of the various green/green-toned slabs, my mind immediately went to how beautiful they would look with her honey-colored cabinets and some gold accents. Check these out. Doesn't the "Wild West" look like a landscape painting? The white onyx is also to die for. Sigh. So much stone, so few bathrooms!

Wild West Green
White Onyx

More on her design and the others later; for now I just wanted to share a couple of the stunning pieces of stone we saw this morning. Forget about a little gemstone ring or necklace—this is REAL jewelry. Although you can’t wear it, as a countertop you’ll be looking at it everyday!

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