Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Readers Around the World

The big, blue marble
Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting once—or even twice or more!—to read about our house building adventure. When I started writing this blog, my intent was to keep family and friends informed of our progress. Thanks to the wonders of Sitemeter that tracks and counts the visitors to my blog, I have evidence of readers far beyond that circle of family and friends.

I am truly thrilled to see the range of countries and cities from which my readers come. I only wish I knew more about you and what brings you to read our story. Do drop me a note and tell me about yourself! I would love to know what interests you and whether you, too, are in the midst of building or remodeling a house—or even just dreaming about it!

So, thank you*…

(Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, and New South Wales

(Campinas, Sao Paulo)

(Halifax, Hamilton, Peterborough, Winnipeg)

Denmark! (Dianalund, Viby)
(Best, Noord-Brabant)

New Zealand!

(Belchatow, Piotrkow, Sobtka, Wroclaw, and Dolnoslaskie) 

Romania! (Bucharest)
Russian Federation!
Spain! (Adeje, Canarias, Salamanca, Castilla y Leon)


United Kingdom!
(Stamford, Lincolnshire) 

United States!
20 out of 50 states including…

  • Springdale, Arkansas;
  • Mountain View, Northridge, Oakland, Rohnert Park, Salinas, and San Francisco, California;
  • Fairfield, Connecticut;
  • Middleton, Delaware;
  • Bethlehem, Marietta, and Savannah, Georgia;
  • Evanston, Mokena, and Oak Park, Illinois;
  • Monticello, Indiana;
  • London, Kentucky;
  • Baltimore, Maryland;
  • Perryville, Missouri;
  • Lochmere, New Hampshire;
  • Chatham, New Jersey;
  • Brooklyn, Massapequa, Mechanicville, and White Plains, New York;
  • Warren and West Chester, Ohio;
  • Portland, Oregon;
  • Austin, Texas;
  • Salt Lake City, Utah;
  • Ashburn, Virginia;
  • Auburn and Seattle, Washington;
  • Janesville, Wisconsin;
*This list only includes visitors between June 6th and 14th—many more of you have visited since last June when I started the blog, but I didn’t have access to visitor’s data then.

Thank you one and all!