Tuesday, August 9, 2011

1 + 1 = 2 Cute 4 Words!

New math, old math—however you calculate, it all adds up to one sweet space for Miss K.

Not to gloat too much, but I do think her bedroom is turning out well.

I’ve been aiming for something lighthearted, but a little bit sophisticated at the same time. Something that fits the preteen she is now and that can grow with her as she becomes a teenager. Here are the pieces, starting with the basics:

Paint color is Rosebay by Sherwin Williams. Don’t let the name fool you; it doesn’t look “rose” at all—more of a pinky-violet and it feels so good to be surrounded by all that glowing color! The ceiling is Dove White by Valspar, providing a clean, fresh counterpoint to the walls.

"Rosebay" by Sherwin Williams
Next came the carpeting—a fun little pattern called “Frisky Nibble” by Robertex from the Instincts collection. It is 100% wool and very lush.
We were lucky enough to have Sandra at Carpets to Go in Shoreline find us a remnant that cost us less than half the price it would have been otherwise.

IKEA came to the rescue, as always, with some inexpensive but nicely designed furniture including the Hemnes daybed (with a trundle for sleepover guests), 

two Billy bookcases, 

the Micke desk, Jules desk chair,
and last but not least the Strind coffee table on wheels that will serve as play space, end table, and snack spot as required.
Add in a beanbag chair from Pottery Barn/PBTeen:

a couple of fun lamps—ceiling light from IKEA and glass bubble table lamp from Lamps Plus; 

and sheer flower-pattern curtains from IKEA (not yet hemmed) that I will supplement with an outer set of curtains in the Pearl fabric in pink by Annie Selke (sewing those myself from fabric purchased online):

A few knick-knacks and throw pillows, including pages of Andy Warhol cats from an old calendar that I put into white frames:
Some nice bedding:

And here it is (mostly) put together!


I love how Miss K is already using
 the Strind glass-top table for her Playmobil games!

Still to come are those outer curtains, a few shelves for holding stuffed animals and other decor, a bulletin board, some hooks on the wall for a backpack and other stuff, a kitty clock, more artwork, and a crown molding and baseboard.*   
Coming soon also are photos of the coordinating walk-in closet and bath.


*The trim obviously should have been installed before the carpet and furniture, but we wanted to create a space where Miss K could hang out right away before we officially move in. This is helping with the “bonding” process; e.g. getting her used to the new house and liking it, and keeping her busy while we are on-site working.


Anonymous said...

Cute indeed

Anonymous said...

From Miss K herself Hi everyone I do indeed LOVE!! My Bedroom,bathroom and walkin closet. I have made a stuffie hospital in my walkin closet because of my doggy Maggy (the beast) alot of stuffies end up in there cause of Maggy she chews and chew and plays with max the cat aka the hunter and Mishka the Grumpy lion or the grump for short. Maggy cant stand that Mishka is a tough cookie Mishka will give Maggy the what for ( Lol ) so my hospital is going pretty good i have repaired three stuffies ( yay!!!! ) so everyone should give Maggy a what for ( he he he he )( Lol ) Well thats all folks ( for now ) ( moi ha ha ha ) My Mom is awsome so give her comments or else. signed Miss K ( I aprove this message )