Monday, December 5, 2011

Meanwhile back at the blog…

All the action the last two month has been in REAL life as we moved ourselves and my mom into the new, almost finished, house. 

Mom’s cottage is completely done, but the main house still requires a lot of work, largely in the area of moldings, built-ins, a few remaining light fixtures, etc.
Without really intending to, you can see that I took a long blog vacation. But I’m back and I intend to try and catch up on the story of designing and building our house starting with a few images from Halloween and Thanksgiving, inside and outside the house in the Sunset Hill neighborhood.

Mantel decor...

...and more--BOO!
It has been SO much fun to have a house to decorate again. I’ve already started “decking our halls” for Christmas…but for now here’s a last bit of fall to enjoy! 

Love this window full of pumpkins!

Sunlight through cherry leaves

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