Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love Framing!

Just as I was starting to become disillusioned and afraid this house would NEVER get built, along came the framers! If you ever want to feel like you are making progress in this world, get something framed up. In a matter of days—sometimes even hours—a whole building materializes in front of your eyes!

Our framing crew is fantastic (blue language aside). They are fast, accurate, hardworking, and dependable. What else could you want? They are so fast, in fact, that we have to work hard to keep pace; feeding them window rough openings, making decisions about door types and sizes, and other items we hadn’t quite resolved yet. But this is good. Very good. Check out the photos.

With the pace these guys are working, the whole house should be framed, sheathed, under cover, and closed up with windows and doors by mid-October. Then it is back to the slower work again—plumbing, heating, electrical, insulation, and drywall in roughly that order.

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Eva said...

You are so right about the framing. I ran past your house this week and was so surprised on how much progress you have made. Would love to take a look at it with you someday.