Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Starting Blue and Getting Bluer

From the photo here, I bet you think I’m going to talk about cost overruns. Well, I COULD, but I’m not. Not in this post anyway. No, I’m talking about a blue of another hue…

I’m getting the sense that the color blue is really making a comeback. I haven’t been this excited about blue—in all its permutations—since I was a kid getting to pick out my own paint color for my room (a lovely Alice blue by the way). Suddenly I’m obsessed with blue—soft and ethereal Nordic blue, deep and smoky blue-black, funky turquoise, and a lovely medium greyish blue referred to as “Titian blue” in a recent House Beautiful article.

Sure enough, Madison Avenue is at it again, sending subliminal messages to my brain that make me think it is my very own inspiration, this blue thing, when in fact it has all probably been planned out for at least a year or two now by the color theory and marketing people. That’s okay. I don’t really mind being manipulated when the end result is being surrounded by all shades of sea and sky. Although that’s not necessarily to say I want the air to be blue, if you get my drift. The expression is “to curse like a sailor” but I can tell you the sailors have nothing on the framing crew at our house. Yes, apparently the site is blue clean through with swear words.

The neighbors gave us a heads up, and so tonight I gave the word to the foreman—via e-mail. It felt a little awkward, to say the least. “Gee, keep up the good work, and uh, by the way could you ask the guys to ease up on the cussing??” On the other hand, it may simply be an occupational necessity. According to one study, swearing is not only a common reaction to pain—hammer on thumb for example—but actually serves as a pain reliever. Who knew? (The same article also noted that research into swearing practices in the United States suggests that "men generally curse more than women, unless said women are in a sorority.” Framers weren’t called out specifically, but I digress.)

Well, I guess that’s enough color for now.

Image: Painting of blue woman from a shop window; Reykjavik, 2009


bj said...

Hi Cheryl:

Dropping by to say that I'm reading. I look forward to hearing more about the house and how it grows.

I'll leave another link to a Seattle blog that's design oriented: She's not building a house (though she lives in Ballard), but posts occasionally about re-decorating her house (the most recent project is the dining room). I only know Blair through the blog, but I thought you might enjoy the link.

bj said...

PS: I realized that BJ might not tell you who it is, but, it's your former GS girlscout co-leader posting (I don't post my full name, 'cause it's too easily searchable).

Cheryl said...

BJ--Of course I know who you are! There is only one bj in my life and that's you. Thanks for commenting. I think you are my 1st reader and commenter! I will check out the site you mentioned. thx

Janet said...

My favorite colors are blues (silvery blue/greens) mixed with soft taupey browns. I believe they evoke a sense of serenity and calmness.