Monday, January 17, 2011

Gettin' Real

Yup, there is no denying it now--this house is happening and gettin' real! Here's a photo of the exterior as of a few days ago. In another week all the shingles should be on and the exterior essentially done (well, except for landscaping of course...)

I think it's fun to see how it compares with the architectural drawing--pretty darn close, huh?!

Oh, and do not adjust your television set--all those weird looking lines are actually part of the scaffolding for the siders. The temporary power pole in the front yard will be leaving soon too.

I think the house sits a little high right now--sort of perched rather than nestled into the site. But this will change with the final grading when we raise the soil up a little higher on the west side (left in the photo) and also when we install the landscaping.

The garden is something I've only scarcely thought about so far--being so busy with everything else--but what I have envisioned for the front of the house includes some rosa rugosa, wild grasses, a couple of dwarf fruit trees (symmetrically flanking the front porch), and an assortment of shrubs and perennials with a "seaside" flavor to them. More on all that later...

By the way, the sharper-eyed reader will no doubt have already noticed that the front columns are a little askew and look like they have their knickers up too high! These aren't in their final position yet, hence the bases that are tucked up and the capitals not quite aligned. All in due time.

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