Friday, April 15, 2011

Savannah State of Mind

Sorry for the lack of activity lately. Things have been busy on all fronts and leaving me no time to write. But I’m back and anxious to fill you in with recent events.

Having just returned from a short but inspiring trip to Savannah, I’m on a mission to incorporate some of that Southern charm and graciousness into our house décor. Though I’ve been to Savannah just twice—the other time over 15 years ago—on each visit I’ve found something new to appreciate.

The most recent trip was with Miss K on her spring break and so our activities were more centered on things that a 10-year old enjoys. But bless her heart (I’m lapsing into a Southern drawl now), Miss K was a fabulous travel companion and surprised me by being enthusiastic about some good ‘ol antiquing with her mama.

In fact, she made some well-considered purchases including an amethyst glass cat figurine and a jewel-encrusted dog collar for Maggy. My own antiquing purchases included a small oil painting of oak trees draped with Spanish moss—abstract in style, two tin wall sconces shaped like crowns for holding candles, a matte celery green pottery pitcher, and a gold-rimmed butter plate and cover. I almost came home with a tiara—impractical yes, but Savannah just does something to a girl that makes her feel like royalty! Maybe next time…

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to several antique stores in Savannah along Abercorn Street, most notably 37th @ Abercorn Antiques and Design. Here are some images from their shop that capture some of that Savannah magic. We hope you enjoy them.