Saturday, April 16, 2011

Virtual House Tour!

Dear Readers,

I am tickled pink to finally be able to show you the inside of our house with the completion of drywall! No more seeing through walls and looking at joists and studs and pipes. Short of actually moving in, this is the best approximation of what this house of ours actually looks and feels like.

So come on in! Don't lean on the walls or you'll get plaster dust on you, and watch your step around buckets of mudding compound. I'll start you at the front door of the main house (ours) and go from there. If you happen to get lost, look at the floor plan in the Photos section of the blog.

Standing at the threshold of the front door, you see the stairs to the 2nd floor, the entry hall straight ahead with the library beyond it, and the doorway to the powder room, coat closet, and small TV/computer room.

Now we have walked further into the entry hall and are able to see a bit into the kitchen and dining room before we turn left to enter the living room.

This is the view of the living room from the doorway closest to the front door. The French doors lead out into a courtyard.

Walking to the other end of the living room, this is the view looking back. Beyond the triple window is the street. The fireplace is gas and will have a tile and wood surround and mantel.

Turning around we go through to the library with a view straight ahead to the dining area. The opening on the left side of the dining area leads to the kitchen.

 Another view of the dining area. The door on the right wall of the dining area leads to small patio that will get morning sun.

This view is of the kitchen with, from left to right, a door to the mudroom, a space for the range, niche for the refrigerator, a pantry, and a bay window with built-in seating.

Backtracing out to the entry hall again, this is a view into the coat closet and powder room.

Just opposite the coat closet is a small TV/computer room.

Okay, now we have ascended the main stairway, walked down a short hallway, and are peeking into the master bedroom. The sliver of window on the left looks out over the street.

This is the view looking from the bedroom through to the master bathroom. The two opposing doors, left and right, are to a WC and a walk-in closet. A free-standing tub will be located just under the double windows straight ahead.

This is a view looking directly into the shower, with the tub area on the left and sinks (one for me and one for MTH) on the right.

After leaving the master bath and bedroom, this is a view down the 2nd floor hallway with a large closet to the left for laundry--the washer and dryer will be here along with a big folding table and other laundry-related items.

This is a view into Miss K's bedroom, with lovely light coming in through two sets of double windows.

This is the 2nd bathroom on this floor, to be used mostly by Miss K, but also by guests. There is a corner deep-soaking tub and behind it a free-standing shower.

Standing inside the shower of the 2nd bathroom, we're looking at a portion of the wall (to the right) that will house the sink and cabinets and the toilet.

This is Miss K's closet. No, she doesn't have this many clothes! The space will also be used to store toys with the idea that she can bring the items she is playing with into her bedroom, one group at a time, and not have ALL of them in her bedroom at the same time, which usually equals major mess and chaos. (We'll see how this works...)

Now we have climbed the attic stairs and are looking at one end of the attic space. I hope to eventually turn this into my craft room for sewing, painting, and other creative pursuits.

This is that funny little space where the round window is in the front gable. The headroom is minimal and it really is too small to be a functional room, but I couldn't bear to waste this charming little hobbit space! I'm going to put a single bed up there and fill it with pillows so Miss K and her friends can hide out and talk, read, and listen to music in their own secret cubby hole.

This is the view back down the attic stairs to the 2nd floor landing.

At the base of the landing is the sunroom. This is the space that sits above the front porch and below the little "hobbit" room in the attic. We may use it as a sitting room for the master bedroom or a guest room when needed (with interior curtains to pull across for privacy). The light and views are great here--I might do my knitting here.

Here we are going down the main stairs and reaching the front door again. From here we will walk outside around the house to view Mom's cottage. (There is no access to her cottage from the interior of our house.)

This is the view from the front door of the cottage, with dining area and a coat closet dead ahead, the living room to the right, and kitchen to the left out of sight.

Looking into the living room to the covered porch through a wall of sliding doors.

From the living room we turn around and look back toward the kitchen. Those windows are positioned over the kitchen sink.

Another view of the kitchen--which is U-shaped--and a peek into a small TV room on the left.

Looking down a very short flight of stairs (about 3 steps) into the bed/bath wing, with the bedroom straight ahead, the bath to the left, and a laundry closet to the right.

A view directly into the bathroom. The toilet will be behind the tub on the right, and the whole left wall devoted to a linen cupboard and long vanity and sink.

View out of the bathroom into the laundry closet (straight ahead).

The bedroom with a sliding door out to a small deck. The funny dark rectangle is just some extra space we had over our fridge that can serve as extra storage inside this bedroom closet. The bedroom backs up against our kitchen.


Well, that's about it. I would show the garden spaces but there really isn't anything to see it--the ground is still torn up and muddy from construction. Next photos I'll share will be these same rooms all painted.